There are several ways to engage with Evolve Coaching for Yogis. We offer live events and tele-classes, one on one and group coaching and team building for yoga studios. Evolve is also available at retreat centers.
Free monthly tele-classes. Experience how coaching will bring your practice alive on & off the mat.
Evolve Access: May 15th; 2pm
Creating the Right Conditions for your own Evolution
Join Rosy Elliott, the Yogi Coach and founder of Evolve Coaching for Yogis, for this free one hour tele-class.
-Identify what needs to be in place for you to grow yourself
-Remove what is in the way of your evolution
-Learn 3 simple daily practices to enhance your growth
Plus one simple question that will set you on the path of fulfillment.
Evolve Access: June 18th; 2pm
3rd Thursday of every month, 2pm Eastern.
Can't make it this month? Check back after the the 3rd Friday of the month and sign up for next month's call.

Come explore your yoga practice as a metaphor for your life, fully expressed. Learn how you can uncover and reconnect to your essence and be inspired, curious and engaged in your own evolution.
Live your practice. Harness the positive energy, focus and resonance you experience on the mat.
Evolve Now: January 16th to March 6th; 2pm
Jump start your evolution and take yourself to the next level of joy, connection and presence. In this 8 week group coaching program we cover topics essential to your evolution. Classes include powerful experiential learning, meaningful interaction between participants, exploration of tools, and coaching.
Take your life to the next level. Graduates of Evolve Now, sustain your evolution.
Currently no listings.
This course will be launching spring 2014.
Transformative one-on-one coaching with certified life coach Rosy Elliott.
One on one coaching is a truly collaborative effort. Coach and client partner with the sole purpose of moving the client forward toward an extraordinary and fulfilling life that makes the client’s heart sing.
The journey is transformative.
Go deep and grow yourself. Step away from your life, revitalize replenish, renew.
Evolve Coaching for Yogis partners with Yoga Retreat Leaders and Retreat Centers to deepen your connection to your authentic self and bring your practice alive on and off the mat. Evolve Retreat is a unique opportunity to meet yourself anew.
Cultivate the brilliance of your teachers and staff. Team building and leadership development.
Evolve Lead collaborates with studio owners to develop custom team building and leadership development programs for studio owners and their teachers and staff. Discover the unique jewel in each member and let your team shine.
Evolve Coaching for Yogis hosts a number live of events throughout the year to introduce yogis to life coaching.
Check back soon for spring programming.
Evolve Coaching for Yogis provides the tools to integrate yoga into all aspects of your life and step into your full potential.
Rosy Elliott
130 Biddulph Road
Radnor, PA 19087
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